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Malibu Strawberry


This new Malibu flavor is all about ripe and juicy strawberries with a sweet, smooth finish that blends perfectly with soda and will enhance your iced strawberry daiquiri for a very berry summer experience.

Selling Points 
  • Strawberry is a trending flavor and is the #2 most associated flavor with Summer
  • 84% of consumers love it/like it and strawberry is the #1 flavor with millennials
  • #1 loved fruit among 21+
  • Strawberry cocktails are experiencing triple digit growth
Tasting Notes 
  • NOSE
    • Upfront, juicy, & fresh strawberries with a full body.
    • Perfect balance of sweet and refreshing strawberries with a traditional Malibu Caribbean rum
    • Sweet, fresh and smooth; strawberry lingers