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Jefferson's Reserve

American Whiskey/Bourbon

Geared towards the bourbon connoisseur, Jefferson’s Reserve is a blend of different mash bills bottled at 90.2 proof, it is older and more robust than other small batch bourbon.

Selling Points 
  • Brand Foundation
  • Sophisticated flavor profile: high-rye bourbon blends 
Tasting Notes 
    • Almonds & Honey with a hint of caramelized ginger, menthol and Big Red chewing gum. The cinnamon elements develop over time to mix with dried oak bark and freshly sawn pine. Match boxes and wax jackets follow.
    • A rounded vanilla note is the first element, backed up by over ripe plums, quince jelly and light licorice notes. Griddled eggplant adds a slight savory note and the palate is rounded off by blackcurrant and grape.
    • Vanilla is the most prominent feature here, followed by a hint of burnt ends and the grape note again.