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Jefferson's Ocean

American Whiskey/Bourbon

The idea for Jefferson’s Ocean aged bourbon came about on a fishing trip. We placed 5 barrels onto a ship and sent it around the world. By doing this, we hyper-age the bourbon. The constant agitation, weather conditions and sea-salt air create all impart a flavor rivaled by no other bourbon on the market.

Selling Points 
  • Incredible story
  • High-quality and taste profile
  • Collector's bourbon, demand in voyages
Tasting Notes 
    • Fresh ginger is the first note to hit, as if this was designed to be served with sushi, wasabi heat, fresh ginger and a slight salty/saline note. There is a fruit element that arrives too in the form of guava, fresh pineapple and other tropical fruits. Really very complex which is a testament to the lightness of the nose.
    • Complex, influences of sweet and savory. Chocolate Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate, tropical fruits (guava, pineapple).
    • This behaves more like a late-teens Scotch on all aspects of the ride: delicate and stately. Warm oak, like a sauna, with vanilla and custard doughnuts.