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Jefferson’s Reserve Pichon Barron Cask Finish

American Whiskey/Bourbon

Thomas Jefferson was a wine aficionado. He was America’s first ambassador to France and while there, fell in love with the finest wines of Bordeaux. One of his favorites was the Chateau Pichon Baron, an exceptional red wine. Chateau Pichon Baron de Longueville was founded in the late 17th century and is a grand cru classe red wine from Pauillac. Thomas Jefferson had Pichon Baron in his own personal wine collection. In early 2016, we filled 250 barrels from the vineyard with Jefferson’s Reserve.

Selling Points 
  • Pays homage to Jefferson and ambassadorship to France.
  • One of the highest regarded wineries in Bordeaux.
  • Presidential Decanter Bottle
Tasting Notes 
  • Combines the robust flavors of the Bordeaux, the wood notes of both American and French oak and the grain of a premium bourbon in a delicious, complex and balanced final product.