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Jameson Cold Brew

Irish Whiskey

Jameson Cold Brew brings the best of two worlds together: Jameson Irish Whiskey is infused with natural cold brew coffee flavor, resulting in a smooth, new whiskey experience.

Selling Points 
  • Innovation from the #1 Growth Driver in Whiskey.
  • Tapping into one of the hottest trends in beverages cold brew coffee +51% YOY growth.
  • 100% arabica coffee & triple distilled Jameson whiskey. No added sugar.
  • 3 in 4 consumers would buy Jameson Cold Brew, appealing to new consumers and over index with 21-34 yo.
Tasting Notes 
  • A perfectly balanced combination of smooth Irish Whiskey & natural cold brew coffee flavor.
  • Rich coffee aroma and a mellow mouthfeel with notes of toasted oak and dark chocolate.