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Absolut Watermelon


A delicious vodka with a fruity watermelon zing. A unique proposition for the most delicious cocktails, celebrating one of the most refreshing flavors of the season. Crystal clear, fresh and fruity vodka with natural sweetness and complex notes of watermelon. Perfectly complementing the range as a key ingredient in many of today’s classic drinks with a refreshing new twist. A slightly reduced ABV allows for a truly optimized flavor profile and balance which makes Absolut Watermelon the perfect cocktail ingredient.

Selling Points 
  • No Added Sugar or Artificial Flavors
  • Watermelon vodka is trending and has grown 90% over the last two years
  • Among Gen Z, Watermelon is the 2nd most popular summer flavor in mixed alcoholic drinks with 80% saying they “love/like it”
Tasting Notes 
    • The aroma is rich and elegant with clear notes of sweet Watermelon together with a hint of a spiciness to create a very balanced aroma
    • Pleasant, rich and smooth taste with distinct character of Watermelon juice combined with an underlying complexity with hints of spiciness that ends up in a creamy and juicy mouthfeel with a touch of tartness
    • The finish slowly descends in the character of a refreshing Watermelon

From Our Mixologist